Thursday, April 15, 2010

what i have been up to for the past 20 weeks.

some time ago my bff, "princess,princess" told me about this fabulous idea for working out called "bootcamp" so we both signed up. she got injured the third night in and was out for six weeks!! she left me! with this man, ya the one in the picture who seems to be enjoying choking me just a bit too much. i have several names for him, El Diablo, Mr. Loudmouth, Meanie Pants, Father of Pain, Shut up (one of my favorites) and sometimes.......Ryan.

but in all fairness for all the pain and agony he put me through, he had to put up with my mouth. so i think it was a fair trade. he has this knack of showing you what you need to do and making it look believable. take for example: Ryan says " we are gong to do a push-up and on the "up position we are going to take our right leg, stretch it out under us and touch our right knee to the left elbow while balancing on one hand." (serious. this is the crap we did) and i watched him and thought to myself "hey, i think i can do that if i pace myself and consintrate. how hard can it be.?" well as it turns out, pretty damn hard!!

i learned that there are six different ways to do push-up and i hate them all!! i can now do crunches till i am bored. russian twists make my tummy feel wonky and jump roping was not as fun as i remember it being as a kid. that i can get sweat in my eyes but be working so hard that i continue with my eyes closed so i don't lose the pace i have set for myself. it was nice to find that drive again. i learned that my body is not designed for mountain climbers or pushing a 40 weight across a gym floor. my legs are too dang long and my arms are too dang short. sadly ryan does not see this as a handicap so i had to do it anyways. but i want him to know i felt very discrimated against and i will be calling Gloria Allred.

Dan joined me the last five weeks. It was fun to cheer him on and see his progress. and as it turns out you cannot dribble a medicine ball no matter how hard you throw it. i just imagine it is Ryan's head. it is very cathartic for me.
Gliders should be used very,very carefully or your face will become one with the floor. wax on, wax off young grasshopper.
Ya baby!! look at those calf muscles!! i actually enjoyed the resistance band training. but don't ever let El Diablo know that.
Bosu Ball. had not seen these things before. but they are a PIA to do push up on, to balance on with one foot and even tougher to balance your WHOLE FLIPPIN BODY ON!! turns out i am a tad bit top heavy. huh, who knew? must be all those brains.
This is Amy. Amy is trying to look mean in this picture but actually Amy is really, really nice. She is so nice that i did not even give her any knicknames.
Princess,Princess and I with Shut Up after our last workout.
So i am on my own for now. i have to push myself better, faster, stronger and the whole time i will hear Ryan's voice yelling at me in my head. Or maybe that is just the school kids yelling at me to get off their play equipment because it is recess time. either way, they sound the same.


  1. Good for you!! I'm too much of a baby to subject myself to that.
    It sounds very hard. You should be proud of sticking through it!

  2. That is awesome Jenn! I need something like this. A good kick in the butt to get me moving in the right direction. Guess I should put down the ice cream I'm snacking

  3. NO! don't put the ice cream down. it will leave a sticky mess. you are only saving yourself work by eating it.