Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pony Rides

Everynight the girls beg for pony rides to bed and some nights i feel guilty enough to give them one. the other nights their brothers give them pony rides. it dawned on me that i don't have pictures of me giving any of the kids pony rides. they all got them until they got too big. and when these girls get to big there will be no more pony rides. ACK!! and seeing how they both weigh about 40lbs each i got 80 lbs of bouncing love on my back, this pony may not last that much longer.

so to make a long story longer.......i had dan take some quick pics before the girls get too big for this fun.

then dan desided to take a parting shot. i told him, "NO PICTURES OF MY BUTT!!" he said, "i have to before it gets too big to take a picture of." he should out of the body cast in four to six months. as for he jaw being wired shut.......that could take years to heal.

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