Monday, April 26, 2010

Good Times

so this last saturday i told the boys if they were good and did all their chores and get the lawns mowed we could do something fun! they voted on shooting out at grandpa's and bumski's house. so they did that for about three hours. came in and grabbed a bite to eat. shot for about 30 more minutes. no tin can was safe with in a five foot radius. ya, they are not exactly crack shots. lol.
Puddin' got in on the action too. he had alot of fun shooting with daddy.
Daniel's buddy "forbush" came out for the fun too. he is such a funny kid. i love having him around. the two of them are constant entertainment.

Then when they ran out of ammo Ike got an itch to drive the tractor. he has had this itch for about five years. but the rule is you cannot drive the tractor until you can start it by yourself. this baby is from 1942. a gift from our dear Grandpa Ralph. she is a bear to start. it took many,many, many tries.

He finally DID IT!!! don't let the bubbles distract you. he is coolness personified in this shot. leather jacket and one steering with one hand.

It was a fantastic saturday. thank you so much grandpa and bumski for letting us come take over your afternoon and shoot up your garbage.

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  1. It made our Saturday! So good to hear the outdoors alive with children again! Loved It!!!