Sunday, April 4, 2010

The On Going Project

Whew! this has alot of pictures so i will be brief with my words.

we spent two days out at the homestead getting some spring cleaning done. i have a goal of spending a weekend a month out there getting stuff caught up and cleaned up in the meadow. we burned, cleaned slash piles, and helped dad finish his bridge. we just need to put up the ramps now.

Maria, Anna and Jakey watching the current flow around their sticks. i love playing this game. it is so relaxing.
Daniel and his buddy Jake Forbush hauling a small tree off to the fire.

Daniel feeding the fire.
A very well deserved lunch break.Still on lunch break and hoping to strike it rich paning for gold in Moon Creek. This is the old bridge by the way.

Ike and my parent's dog, tigger.
Still paning for gold. i am sorry to say that no one became rich that day.

Anna age 5
Moon Creek. it is so pretty down here, that is why i want to get it cleaned up so badly.

Our beautiful fire and Jakey heading off to gather more wood.
We worked for about six hours on thursday and it just wore poor maria out so she grabbed a power nap in the wheelbarrow next to the fire.

We took the opportunity to do a small controlled burn while we were working too. the boys manned the lines and had their buckets of water in their hands at all time.

Hard days work followed by what else.....roasting marshmellows in a fire!
The next day this is what was left of our grand bonfire.
our bridge to nowhere. ha ha ha
The mighty work crew. they did a fantastic job. i mean we got done so far ahead of schedule. i am so proud of them.

Playing in the coals and roasting fresh water clams on shovels. no worries, nobody ate them.
now we have to pull the metal pipes out that held up the old bridge.

it was a fantastic time. i love working out there. it is so more rewarding than housework. you get a job done, you do it well and stays that way for more than a day. i LOVE it.

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