Wednesday, April 28, 2010


do you know how many mintutes a five year old girl can talk with out taking a breath?

4 and half minutes.

i know

i timed it

now i have two of these little motor mouths running in the background all day long

sometimes i have to beg them to stop.

just for three minutes

so i can remember what silence sounds like

now the irony of this situation is this....

as a youth my nickname was Jabber Jaws

i talked


drove my poor mom crazy

no i am not kidding

she is crazy now.
in fact in highschool, Sara Barron, requested a muzzle for my mouth
made her request known in the highschool yearbook
it still did not deter me.
sadly my husband sees what the future holds for him
it is not pretty.

1 comment:

  1. Hilarious!!! No your mother is NOT crazy....everyone gets a kid/kids just like them :) Enjoy it passes so fast and the next thing you know you will be able to hear a pin drop in your house :(