Thursday, November 26, 2009

why i am so thankful......

1. i am thankful for orange juice. and it's sweet tasty goodness.

2. i am thankful for a 13 yr old that can make grilled cheese sandwiches and the other little kids that eat them so i didn't have to make dinner last night.

3. i am thankful for my two huge dogs that make me feel like a rockstar when i come home. even if i was only gone for two minutes.

4. i am thankful for public education. and the patience they show teaching my kids and getting them out of my house!

5. i am thankful for little girls who still believe the wrong pillowcase can give you bad dreams.

6. i am thankful for little boys that play laser tag in the house and use me as home base.

7. i am thankful for spray in wash. and it's amazing ability to get rid of skid marks from said boy's underwear. ( should have bought stock in that)

8. i am thankful for pants with elastic waistbands. i am gonna need them tonight.

9. i am thankful for central heating. unless you have grown up without heat you cannot truly appreciate this miracle.

10. i am thankful for Hulu. without it my kids would never know the wonders of Alf, Aadams Family and Columbo.

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