Saturday, November 21, 2009

A proud moment for me

The six yr old ( jakey) narrowly escapes death on a daily basis. most of these threats are caused by Legos. In our house these little toys of pain are more valuable than money. and they are toys of pain as anyone who has ever stepped on one can attest to. but i digress.

"someone" stole all the crystals off of daniel's Mars Mission set. death was threatened along with a beating and possibly flogging. he wanted revenge! he wanted answers. but sadly, no one in our house took the lego crystals. it was another mystery. we have alot of those.

well this morning, after striking a plea deal of no physical punishment, jake confessed. i was so proud of him for holding out for the plea deal. i really, really was. i mean, seriously, what other six yr old would now how to play the legal system?

i was in bed when this whole thing went down. conclusion? i should sleep in more often.

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