Sunday, November 8, 2009

a break!

i was able to enjoy a very nice weekend away from the kids and home thanks to my sweet husband, dan.

regina flew up from Utah, because she needed a break too. I went out to dinner with lanae, then picked up reg from the airport and headed out to the homestead. we ate homemade pizza, regina tried to tackle me various times ( always un-sucessful i might add) and dad took us on a lovely tour of Elk and Priest River. where we checked out estate sales and thrift stores. an adventure indeed!

came home and took a nap in the middle of saturday!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? had a lovely dinner with the family and watched movies with my sis. she even made my favorite, a peanutbutter malt.

i am home feeling ready for the week ahead and so recharged!! i have never had a weekend to myself. i did not know it could be so refreshing! WOWZERS!!

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