Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Uh...ya, about that......

So another round of parent teacher conf. in the books. pretty standard stuff. Kids are geniuses. Doing well in school. No major fights, yadda,yadda,yadda. then i get to the 13 yr old. i figured i was free and clear. but noooooo. ya see, 13 yr olds are stupid. not just dumb but actually stupid. i can say this because i live with one, everyday. it is scary at times.

anyways, he made a lovely "shiv" in metal shop. but don't worry, all his buddies made one!! that is what is so scary, they are stupid in groups!! he is doing well in his classes. luckily because after the stunt he pulled in Life Skills almost got him killed.

They are learning about STD's and the birth defects it can cause from mother to baby. Such as.....vision problems and lung problems. both of which abound in my house! so daniel concluded, and shared with his class i might add, that i must have chlamidia (sp?) YA, YOU READ THAT RIGHT!! so for the record, yes i had to set it straight, i do not have any, ANY, std's. and i had to educate my son on the cruel mistress that is genetics. so, uh, ya....just another round of PTC for the Brown's.

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