Sunday, September 6, 2009

Only My Kid

So I hopped in BigRed and headed off to my bff Brinn to make apple butter and apple pies Saturday morning. I was very excited and slightly distracted. There in lies my downfall. I did not check the roof of the van before i left. but why should i check the roof of the van? it is seven feet off the ground. why would any thing be up there? anyways, i take a sharp right and i hear something fall of my van. i start freaking out thinking it is finally falling apart. i hit a bump and i hear another thing fall off. i slam on the brakes...........and a rifle flies out over the front of the car on to the road!

so i went and picked up my friends and headed back down the street were i picked up the rifle, a six shooter, the holster ( i can only assume the six shooter was in there at one time) and a light saber. my friend just looked at me a laughed because honestly, this is just another day in my crazy, crazy life.

went home and asked Ike why. he said that the top of the van makes a great look out. especially when you are playing pirates. i cannot argue with that kind of logic.

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