Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I have wanted to bike this trail for years so when the chance came, i jumped on it! sent jake and ike off to Brinn's after school and the girls went to lanae's and Lisa picked up Daniel after practice. I was off to the Bitteroot Mountain Range. (Right on the Idaho, Montana boarder.)

It is called the Hiawatha because that is the train that ran this route. We go through about 6 tunnels ranging from 8,800 ft long to just 15o ft. long. Luckily we had flashlights. No bats though. I thought that was weird. Then there are the breathtakes trussels. You are about 875 ft about the valley floors when you go over them. The trees were so dense you could not always see the bottom.

My rim was bent on my front tire (don't wanna talk about it) so i had to use daniel's bike. no biggie, same size as mine but has a seat of plastic that by the end felt like shards of broken glass. The back brake locked up so we pulled off and dis-assembled it. and then i discovered the dang thing would not shift!! i was stuck in 1st gear for the whole ride!! ARGH!! Poor Kathy's left bike peddle kept comming off so we would stop and re-attach it. ALOT! but other than that it was fantastic. Oh ya and i had to sit on the rumble seat of the truck and on the way back i was hurting!! OUCH!

This is the first tunnel. it is 8800 ft long. all you see is a pin hole of light and you aim for that and try to avoid the gutters that run on either side of the trail

But this beautiful water fall is waiting for you on the other end. I have a funny face because i am squeezing my mom's buttocks.

I love how green the moss was that covered all the rocks.

We were up very high. it was nice and cool though.

My mother acting silly infront of one of the trussles.
Dead. Happy but dead.

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