Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Historical Occasion

The local highschool here offers a pre-school program. It is three morning a week for 90 minutes. It gives the kids a good idea of what it is to be away from mommy, but not too long. And the winner is that it is only $20 a month!! It is taught by the highschool students, which is perfect because they are at the same maturity level as the pre-schoolers. There is a teacher there to supervise but the students are running the classroom. They have to take childhood devlopment classes for three years before they get to work with the kids. Daniel started it out for us. (after being on the 2 yr long waiting list) and we have had every kid in there since. It is wierd to think that this is the end of the line. Although Daniel wants to work in the program when he gets in highschool.

Anna on her first day
Maria on her first day. She was a bit more apprehensive.

Then they saw the TOYS!!
And the reading corner.

Then before ya know it.......the day is done!!

Daddy getting loves from his daughters

Mommy actually got a picture with her daughters.
And what did I do for those 90 minutes you ask? Well I went and did something I absolutely cannot do with them, EXERCISED!! i loved it. (sorta, i am sorely out of shape) but it felt good to get out there and to know that i have three mornings a week to do so. that is until the 5 feet of snow comes.

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