Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Reptile Man

The Reptile Man came to the kids' elementary school this week. He put on a show on Thursday night for anyone who wanted to come. It was  only $1 per person. I found the price to be within our budget so we took the whole family! Some members were more excited than others. But by the end of the show we all came to the same conclusion...he puts on a good show.

Here he is with an alligator snapping turtle. It is even uglier in person.
 This is just one of the many snakes he brought along to share. She was so big the kids in the front row screamed as he swung the tail out over the audience. All the animals were very well trained and had their venom glands removed.
 He had a huge python. It was so long it took eight kids to hold it. I wanted to get a picture, but as you can imagine it was very crowded and I tried to be sure not to get random pictures of kids in my photos because I did not feel like hunting down parents and asking if they minded that their kid's picture would be posted on my blog. The girls did get to pet the snake and collect the scales it was shedding. I now have a nice pile of boa scales on my table.
 For $5 the kids could get a picture with one of the boas or the alligator. We tried to get Jake to get a picture with the alligator, she was such a sweetheart, but Jake was a no go. The girlies wanted to get a picture with the snake. He was very heavy. I love the look on Anna's face in this shot.
We got home and I had to give the lecture we are not getting any pet snakes, alligators, lizards, or alligator snapping turtles. The only pets we have at this time are the dust bunnies that live under the table bench and I am completely okay with that.

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