Thursday, March 13, 2014

Adios Muchachas...

I have a section in my address book dedicated to best friends that have moved away over the past 13 years.

You don't believe me that I have had enough move away to warrant this??

I have compiled a list!

Sheryl D.
Julie W.
Holly S.
Mikaela S.
Traci M.
Christy O.
Monica G.
Lanae L. x 2
Nicola T.
Anna N.
Brinn E.
Linda R.

If you ask me this list seems a little long. Suspiciously long. Is this normal to have this many people move out of a person's life?

It seems unusual to me and frankly I am sick and tired of it!! I have a hard time relating to people and therefore struggle making really good friends and it sucks to have them just move away.

The most recent one to move away is really bringing me down. Brinn and I have been besties for the past 5 years. She's been my workout buddy, painting buddy, got me through the loss of my husband, and in general just put up with me (which is really hard to do). I am gonna miss her!!

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