Sunday, October 23, 2011

a very cool experiment for you to try amongst yourselves.

What you are looking at is a raw egg without it's shell. I just blew your wee mind, didn't I?

Take one egg and place it in cup and cover it with vinegar. we used applecider but I think white would work better because it is more acidic. Let is set for 24 hours. Keep checking on it though. It is cool to see the chemical reaction between the egg shell and vinegar. It is fun to poke at too. Rinse it well to get the remainder of the shell off and "VOILA!" I wonder what would happen if you boiled this. Would you have a yummy hardboiled egg you would not have to peel?
In class Daniel's teacher bounced her egg from about a 4 foot drop. So we wanted to see if Daniel's egg would also bounce. The video shows that.

This is why I think that white vinegar would have worked better.

You have now reached the end of this educational program. Have a good day.

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