Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hello long lost friend

Yes, I have been negligent in my blogging. But I have a very good excuse. You see I am taking a writing class in school so hopefully as I learn proper writing skills my blogging will improve and you, the reader, will be edified instead of mystified by my blogs.

Now on to the real topic. Ike caught a fish. He first this year. He is a good size fish too, as you can see. He is a brook trout. I don't know if the fish knows this, but now you do.

Ben taught Ike how to kill and clean his fish. Jakey wanted the head for dinner.

No, I did not let jakey eat the head for dinner.

Here he is scooping out all the guts with his thumb. I really hope he takes it serious now when I tell him to wash his hands.

Ben is showing him how to cut off the fins.

Ike, demonstrating his fin cutting prowness. And he did not even knick a finger!!

I did a bit of season to Mr. Brook and fried him up in a bit of butter. But really when a fish is this fresh there is not a lot you need to do. They taste fantastic.

I do think that Ike is hoping to catch one that is more than three bites next time. I would not mind him catching one for me too. :)

And so ends our fishy tail. This sentence is called the concluding sentence. Do you know why?

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