Saturday, October 22, 2011

I have not posted since october 9

This is basically a post on how i have not posted since october 9th. Ben was stunned when he saw that just now. I felt shame. well something close to shame, my cold, heartless nature actually keeps me from feeling true shame. He also works great as a spell checker.

our day is early morning seminary, mile long walk, hustle off to school for me. Ben getting the kiddos on their way. Depending on the day he is then out the door to work or home whittling down piles of dirty clothes and making super yummy dinners and cookies for when we all get home. On days he works we both get home close to the same time. then 30 minutes later kiddos start filing in. Homework being done by all. laundry getting put away, dinner getting started,kids getting to various evening activities or worse yet, us having to go to parent meetings so we can pretend to be involved. HA HA HA oh and lets not forget the copious drs, dentist, and specialist appointments that come with this time of year, then kiddos off to bed, me doing more homework and then the both of us crashing by 9 pm because the thought of staying up to 9:30 exhausts us.

So no, have not had much to blog about. Kids are doing good is school. Not fantastic, but we are working on that. And they are so pleased with the prospect of having Ben and I "all up in their business." Well actually they did not say this but the eye roll implied a lot.

Ike starts wresting on Monday. Have a physical for him scheduled for Thursday. Yes, I will be posting pictures with that blog update. Then all five have a dentist appt on tuesday, and then Friday Maria has an eye drs appt.

Sometime in there I have to keep up with my studies because I think i will cry if i get below and A on anything. Seriously. And I think Ben doesn't want to witness the mess of me crying to he is doing all he can to help me study and understand what is going on in Math and Biology. Yes, He is a friggen good man. Yes, I know I totally lucked out. Yes, I know eventually he will catch on that I know this and will use it to his own advantage. Mwaa Haa Haaaaa.

Well it is 10 pm. I have not done my nursery lesson for tomorrow, but that is okay because they are three and can be bought off with cookies. Or maybe I just want to bring cookies so I can eat them too.

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  1. I hear ya, sister! I haven't blogged since the 2nd, and there is some guilt involved, but not lots. Can't wait to see you on Saturday.