Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jakey's 9th Birthday

Oh man I have been neglecting my four faithful readers. I am so very sorry.

Jakey turned 9 on November 1. For that day he had a pizza cookie delivered to his class with a Lego Star Wars Jedi Star Fighter Pilot on it. I thought it totally rocked. Until several kind observers asked why in the world I would put a lego guy in a bikini on a gigantic cookie for school. Dang it! I looked at it again and they were right!!

On Friday the 4th, he had a bunch of friends over to play and I made Wookie cupcakes for them. Ben does an amazing Chewbacca impersonation. One kid quickly pointed out, "Dang, I thought all this time the dude was is costume. Turns out it was just your step dad before he shaves." I told Ben to go put a long sleeve shirt on. He was scaring the kids. ha ha ha

Then on Saturday he had is birthday party with his Grandparents and family. I was so tired and burned out on parties by then. Next year we are doing ONE party. On the day of his birthday. Those who can make it, Great! those who can not can stop by when it works for them. I am getting too old and this family's schedule it getting to hectic.

Jakey with Grandma Brown on is THIRD party.

Jakey and his buds with his Wookie cupcakes.

One Wookie.

Lots_o_Wookies staring at you.

Bikini lego man. I wonder if I am now banned from bringing in Pizza Cookies for kids birthdays after this little fiasco?

He had a great time and is caught up on birthdays until he turns 12.

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  1. As usual, you made me laugh til I cried. I love the lego guy! Three parties IS a little too much. Your plan for next year sounds great. Keep up the good work, ma'am.