Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The new and improved tree fort.

Okay, I want all my readers, yes all three of you, to appreciate what I went through to upload these pictures! Stupid blogger kept losing them after I would upload them. This is round 4 and I finally had to resort to uploading one and a time.

We built a tree fort several years ago. This past spring it finally colapsed. With Ike on it at the time. No worries, the fort was not too badly ruined. We were able to salvage several pieces. I cannot say the same for Ike.

My dad came over for two afternoons and helped built a bigger, better and stronger tree fort. That one quickly exploded so had to settle for this one.

The man himself. Yes, he is muttering to himself in this picture. I think he is saying, "Put down the dang camera and help me pull this nail out of my finger."

Our fabulously patched together floor. We reused plywood and siding that we had laying around. Some of it was already painted with chalk board paint. now they can play tic tac toe, dots, hang man, or leave threating notes to eachother. I am voting on the threating notes.

I got the license plate collection thanks to a moonless night and several un-suspecting neighbors.

Daniel got to use the, BIG DOG, as grampa liked to call it.

Securing the floor.

All that is left is to put up the railings. Several sleep overs are already planned. Anna Nelson and I call first dibbs!

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  1. I've had the same problem with pics in the past... and also with leaving a comment... so hopefully this shows up =) Looks like fun It's being weird about letting me use my blogger id for soem reason~Christy