Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And now for a break from our regularly scheduled program.

Well Blogger is not really thrilled uploading vidoes. I got one up and will try to get more of them up.

Isaac graduated from Hamblen Elementry last night. Yep, he is a middle schooler now, and so very excited to move onto Chase.

Vertie, Barb and Katie were able to come and share in the festivities. It was very nice to have them there and I know it meant a lot to Isaac.

Getting his certificate from the prinicipal, Dr. Forsythe with is teacher Mrs. Justice.

Standing up with some of his classmates.

Anna playing with the camera. The kids were sorta bored. They really drug this out. So I let each of the kids take turns playing with the camera. The girls took pictures of our family. Jakey took pictures of the people behind us. I don't want to post them because I don't know who they are but what cracked me up is that they actually did poses for these pictures.

The Hamblen Elementry 6th grade class of 2011

Our traditional family photo outside the school. Yes, Ike is just thrilled to have his picture taken with us.

Jakey bumming a ride off of Aunt Katie.

Papa and Grandma with Ike. The also bought him a new bike for his graduation. WOW!! He rode it this morning the moment after he got dressed.

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