Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Okay, Maybe not my brightest plan.

So Anna Nelson, who I now think does not care for my well being, talked me into signing up with her to do this bike race from Seattle to Portland. Yes, Portland as in Portland Oregon. I was hoping maybe Portland was some street in Seattle. Turns out it is not. Well maybe it is, but that is besides the point because the Portland we are suppose to ride bikes to is 204 miles away.

I got the information packet for this fantastic race yesterday in the mail. I saw the map and my heart soared!! It does not look that bad. Look at all the stops. And all the first aid stations. Plus there is food along the way. How bad can it be if they are gonna feed you?
then i noticed this in fine print at the bottom of the map.

I cried. Yes. Big ol' crocodile tears. Sobbed.

Along with some ridiculous training schedule. 150 mile rides to prepare for this race?? Who has the time? Not I!


  1. oh man well i can give you lots of YW stuff to do so you can get out of it! lol and I wouldn't just 1 donut i would eat the whole box! good luck with that one! :)

  2. (Lorie said . . .) You should always ready the fine print first!