Monday, April 25, 2011

A Brave New World

That's right folks. We have a driver in training in our house. The first of many. Daniel started Drivers Ed last Monday and got his permit last Friday. On the way home from the DMV I stopped at the local high school parking lot, which was empty, and let him drive around. He did pretty good. I only kissed the windshield once!

On Saturday we had the Brown's over for Easter. Aunt Amy, wanting to be the cool aunt. tossed Daniel the keys and asked him to drive her to the store. He was stunned. Looked at me, I said yes, and they were on their way.

Amy sat back and asked Daniel how he likes driving. He responded, "I dunno, this is my first time." Amy immediately sat up straighter and quit being the cool aunt and into panicked aunt. ha ha ha! Daniel tried to put her at ease by stating that he is getting the hang of the difference between the white line and the yellow line.

Later that day Grandma, Aunt Sue Sue and I went for a ride with Daniel. We only had one near head on collision. and that was only because he still is working on staying in his lane on a right hand turn. Sue Sue gave him the wonderful advice of just yelling out the window "I AM SORRY" as you drive by. Let's hope it never comes to him having to take driving advice from Aunt Sue Sue. :)

Sunday he drove BigRed to and from church. It became a very spiritual experience for us. We have never prayed harder as a family. I told the kids the first and most important rule is that no one talks. The only person allowed to talk when Daniel is driving. So as he took the right hand turn at 20 mph. I could hear the bodies as they hit the windows as the van careened around the corner but to their credit....they were quiet. just muffled "umphs" And even cornering at 20 mph he handled the van better than my sister, Regina, did. she screamed the whole time. At least I think she did. I honestly could not hear her over my screaming.

The rest of the turns he did at a wonderful 10 mph. I really like having all four tires on the road. Daniel drove Sonic (the ford explorer) to and from seminary this morning. he blew through one stop sign and thought a two way stop was a four way stop. I can't wait until he gets some time behind the wheel with an actual instructor. I think I am about to stomp through the floor boards on the passenger side where the brake should be.


  1. Oh man this is sooo good!! Words just aren't enough here **

  2. thats funny. you should totally write a book about something, anything. it could have been a boring story (if I wrote about it) but you seemed to always make them funny.

  3. Keep praying, this is going to be a long road. =)