Monday, April 25, 2011


We had our Easter luncheon on Saturday this year due to everybody's schedule. The usual fare was served.

Potato Casserole
Brussel Sprouts
Glazed Carrots
Green Salad
and Strawberry Cheesecake

We played host to the Brown's this year. Here are a few of them at the table getting ready to dig in.

My Mother in Law,Barb kept me company in the kitchen.

This is my youngest sister in law, Jenna and her darling hubby, Matt. She looks so happy becuase she did not get any sleep the night before and neither did her kiddos. She had a very long day. Matt is happy because....well, I dunno why. lol

Then on Sunday morning we got together for the Easter Egg hunt. I divided up the park in half. One side had eggs easy to find for little ones and the other half was set up to challenge the boys.

Alana found an egg! Unfortunatly it was a real egg. She was only interested in the plasic ones filled with candy.

Ike teamed up with Ray.

Daniel and Jakey made up the other team.

out of the 23 hard boiled eggs I hid only 8 of them were found. I am thinking there were some very happy skunks and raccoons that night in the park.

All in all I hope it was a successful holiday for everyone.

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