Monday, March 28, 2011

Placing of Dan's Headstone

On March 11th Barb, Katie, Susan, Amy, Jenna, Rick Reneer, Frances Reneer, Dennis Dipo and Diane Dipo joined the kids and I for a wonderful yet heartbreaking event. We placed the headstone that Tyler Forbush and Daniel made at Dan's gravesite. Close up of headstone. The angel depicted is angel Moroni. He will blow forth his trump and signal the first ressurection.
Sweeping off all the sand from packing in the pavers. My dad helped me set the headstone in and level out the pavers. My mom helped put the jigsaw puzzle of pavers in place.
Ground was a tad bit muddy.

We go up and let off balloons with messages to their dad when we visit. We shared that tradition with our extended family this time.
Lovely hike back down to the cars.

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