Monday, February 28, 2011

Emotional Mess

This March I get to have my sister in law, Jenna come for a visit. I am very excited. Well the weather is starting to get better, at least it was before this last snow storm. So figured with all of Dan's sisters in town I would make the arrangments to place his headstone that Tyler and Daniel made for me for christmas.

Well between calling the Brown family and cemetery (a lot) getting everything arranged for the placement, (who knew you had to do so much?) I have been very emotional lately. I tear up easily. It seems like the girls are really missing their daddy a lot lately too. They are needing lots of snuggles and daddy stories. Which is reeking havoc on my emotions that are floating around just below the surface. I am finding myself having to censor my thoughts more so lately so i don't appear to cry at just random times.

But on the other hand, i am so glad we can do this while Jenna is here. And i will be happy that dan will be able to have a proper headstone now instead of just that little marker. granted it would be best if i did not have to go and place a headstone at my husbands grave in the first place because it would mean that he was still here with us.

okay, that is all i can type right now.


  1. I'm giving you a giant **HUG** right now!

  2. thanks sweetie. i am doing really good today. :)