Monday, March 21, 2011

Playing Catch Up

So I have been neglecting my blog. I feel like I have to censor myself to much sometimes to keep from hurting someone that I just don't know what I should and should not talk about.

Lets keep it to the kids.

Daniel had fixed three laptops and a pc while hanging out back in the "lab" my nickname for his room. i am just glad he is not trying to catch things on fire for the moment. i walked in one day to see ashes all over the bathtub. I called him in and asked if he had any idea what could have happend here. He had the cajones to tell me "no" while still holding the blow torch. i was rendered speechless.

Ike is in the middle of his sixth wrestling season. that is what keeps me the busiest right now. practice two nights a week then Lon comes over on thursdays to work with Ike and Ryen. Ike has had to really fight for position this year. he is in the top 11-12 yr old bracket. He has a hard time finding someone who will wrestle him at practice to he usually is pared up with a 7th or 8th grader. He did chip a kids tooth last week. He also got pinned for the first time this season last week. He got up, clapped the guy and on the back and told him good job. I was so proud of my boy. It was the highlight of the match for me. Well that and when he slammed this one kid to the mat and pinned him. This kid was horrible, he has a foul mouth and no one like to wrestle against him because he cheats and cries when he does not get his way. He did a number on Ike's neck and chin.

Jakey has is first Pinewood Derby coming up. Which means he follows me around the house begging to work on the car for the past month and swearing everyone else has their car done by now and has had several practice runs on the tracks their fathers have made. i told him, "Yes dear, but those boys don't get to touch their cars." lol

Anna and Maria both have loose front teeth. I need to post their pictures. They look just like Nanny McPhee. They have desided to out grow their clothes. (insert un happy face here)

okay, i better get this posted. i have been working on it for four days now. sigh.....

i promise i am gonna try to make more time to get this caught up and running better.


  1. Glad to have you back in the blogosphere. Keeping it to the kids is a good choice, that's all we care about anyway! ;) Keep up the great work.

  2. So my mouth literally dropped on the blow torch part... really?!! I just can't belive he said no, hahaha! And what an amazing boy Isaac is to congratulate his opponent in good spirited way. Not many young men his age would be able to do that- it says tons about you and your parenting- great job Jenn!!