Monday, January 10, 2011


Well we have a fresh start!

First off I am actually doing very well. The list I made helped me realize I am doing a good job.

The kids are thriving and happy. We talk about Dan all the time. We joke about him, share favorite stories and tell each other what Dad would be saying at that particular moment. I guess one time he threaten to attach shock receptors to boys um "nether regions" if they did not pick up the dog poop faster and quit fighting. I did not know that!! ha ha ha ha

Thanksgiving and Christmas sucked. A lot. I am not gonna lie. I was in hell for that month. I tried to keep it together for the kids and do all the traditions that we normal do, but i was emotionally dead inside. New Years was okay. Dan never liked having people over and staying up til midnight anyways, so i know he did not miss that party much. =D

I am going to visit my sister Jenna for four days at the end of this month. I am so super excited to see her cute family and her new house! and of course, lets be honest here...a break from my wonderful children!! (gasp, did i really just say that?)

Well the house is quiet and I am gonna watch some of my new favorite show, Big Bang Theory. Dan would have LOVED it. and prolly gotten the jokes alot better than i do too.


  1. I LOVE Big Bang Theory! It is HILARIOUS! So glad you're getting settled in and that you're able to get some away time soon. :) Perhaps we need to have a Big Bang party??

  2. I love that show too! And glad to hear that you'll be getting a much needed break from the kiddos soon =)