Thursday, January 13, 2011

Physics Alive and Well

Ike gave a lovely demonstration for me and my dinner guests last night. He and the neighbor boy took a length of rope, tied a noose on one end and put Jakey's dog, Maddie Out, in it. I must say that Ike ties a very nice noose. They then proceeded to loop it through the basketball hoop and onto the bumper of BigRed.

They had it set up so that as I backed out it would cause the rope to go taunt and then slowly pull Maddie Out up and hang him. It was even timed in such a way that Maddie Out would reach the perfect height as it came into view of my front window. I am so proud of my boy!! That is truly amazing.

Yes, we had to do it last night so everyone could watch and laugh and clap. He and the neighbor boy were so pleased with themselves. I loved watching the pride in their faces.

Dan would have loved this. I am so glad my children got his brains! I know he was watching us and laughing right along.


  1. What makes you such a great mother is how you see your kids' strengths, regardless of the circumstance. You find their talents and gifts in whatever way they come. Not all mothers are like that you's like i said to my boys the other day, why do you only seem to get along when you each have a gun in your hand? (airsoft, of course)

  2. They may have gotten Dan's brains but they def have the Reneer deviousness.

  3. So I feel out of the loop here... is that a real or fake dog??!! I know you have one dog Raquel but for the life of me I can't remember the name of your other dog

  4. Sheesh, Christy. You really think i would let them hang a real dog? lol remember i am trying to prove i am a good parent.

  5. Of course you're a good parent... but lets face it- that was Ike we're talking about, lol. I could imagine him phrasing it "I needed to test the physical weight limit capabilities..." ;)