Thursday, January 6, 2011

A List

I have been told a lot lately of the things I "should" "would" and "could" be doing. How I am not doing it right.

So a wonderful friend, Kathryn Rush, told me to make a list for myself of all the things I am doing right.

I get my son to seminary every morning on time.
We have family scripture study every morning.
We have family prayer and eat breakfast together.
My children are dressed appropriatly for the weather and for school before they walk out the door.
Homework is done and library books are found.
Class snacks are made and delivered cheerfully.
Mom attends each party so that child can feel special.
Play doh is played with and finger paints are used liberaly in this home.
Children come home to a clean and orderly home.
Clothes are washed and folded and waiting for them to put away.
Food is always readily available to them.
Each child has a time to tell me about their day and what they are needing.
Lists are made and promptly taken care of.
Friends are welcome at all times.
If need be mom will be the chaperon to for a movie date. I won't even sit by them so they can still be "cool" in front of their friends.
Reports are always worked on as a team effort.
I make my children help out around the house and especially with each other.
Dinner is made by me every night and we sit as a family every night to eat it and discuss the day and any concerns.
When I am busy with one child it is not un-common for me to ask another to read the girls their bedtime stories.
Yes, the girls get stories every night followed by prayers.
There is a bedtime routine that all must follow.
When I do go out, and yes I do go out. I do so between the hours of 8 pm to 10 pm.
Occasionally I will go out before that. And that is perfectly acceptable to have Daniel babysit..
We go to church every Sunday.
We are active in our callings.
I make sure the boys are there on Wednesday nights and participating in the scouting program.

So for those to think that my life does not revolve around my children. I DARE them to try this routine by themselves for a week. I will more than gladly give them the chance.


  1. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job at the most difficult job of being a mom. Who on earth feels they have the right to criticize you? I'm blown away by that. Hope it gets better for you:)

  2. I wish I was that organized and on a schedule like that with my "one" kid, heck I don't even know anyone but you that does all that and still have time to have a little "Jenn" time.

  3. Thanks for inviting me! I haven't been on blogs for a few days. Glad you made a list. You're doing a lot of great things! Someday your kids will recognize what an exemplary mother they have!!

    Btw, one of these days I'm just going to drop in since friends are always welcome!

  4. You know what Jenn? You are getting up every day and surviving. Who cares what ANYONE thinks? Your kids are no worse for wear if you have moments (and i don't believe there is a specified time frame for a "moment") of being sad or overwhelmed. In fact it is usually the moments in which your kids have the opportunity to rally around YOU--and yes, it is ok for them to attempt to take care of you from time to time--it's part of being a family.

    You are amazing because of who you are. Your kids are lucky to have you as their mother (and be sure to remind them of that as often as necessary--cause if you don't who will?). I know how hard it is to break free of others expectations, especially when you know how well intentioned they are. But in the end, you are the one living what you're living and you are the one leading this little army of yours. You get to figure out how to make it work--not anyone else. I know. I've been there. I love you...

  5. AMEN to "qweeny"'s comment. You are absolutely and positively amazing, Jenn. Flick that shoulder Devil off your shoulder and tell him to go right back to where he came from, eh? :) Love you girl! I seriously SOOO admire you. You are so awesome- at everything!

  6. Jenn, you are amazing!!! I am so blown away by your abilities...I know it cannot be easy but I just love you and your family so much.

  7. Jenn, could you please invite Aunt Pam to your blog ?

    Thank you,

    Unca Mike

  8. Your friend Qweeny is a genius! I love your list and I think that you should make a new one once a week to keep reminding yourself of the great job you are doing.