Saturday, April 4, 2009

what to do when it snows during spring break

a common problem here in the great pacific northwest is snow during spring break. we got dumped on twice and in between that we were up to our waists in mud.

we caught a quick break where it was just a light drizzle of snow flakes and made a run for the Idaho border with my pal and her kids. Took the crew to courdelane ( have no idea how to spell it so i went phonetically) it was really cold right on the lake but the kids had fun and got to burn off lots of that pent up energy. we also went to the hotel there ( by the same name) and let the kids warm up a bit.
Waiting outside the hotel. Ha Ha Daniel.
Warming up

Chasing Canadian Geese on the beach

Aw ma, i just wanna swim a bit.
There is a HUGE revolving door at this hotel and Brinn and I thought i would be interesting to see how all 8 kids would do going through. Many of them never having been through a revolving door before. so of course i had to take a video of it. oops, i took it sideways, sorry.

Now that they were pros....

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