Thursday, April 9, 2009

obsession with poo.

my hubby has an obsession with poo. it is hard not to in this house. most surfaces in this house, at one time or another, have been covered in the stuff.

Anyways, hubby has several names for poo that he likes to try out on me. I think he is going for the shock value. I must add a disclaimer that he was NOT like this when i married him. So here are a list of some of his varieties of poo he has come across in our home. enjoy.


consta-ria=a constipated version of diarrhea

mt. crapatoa=explosive diarrhea

craptastic=poo that shows up anywhere but in the toilet.

crap-a-lishous=poo that felt good

we also have a few ground rules in this poo obsessed house.

1. i don't care how cool it tooks, i don't want to see it.
2. no taking pictures of poo.
3.for heaven's sake...LIGHT A MATCH!!
4.the only skid marks i wanna see are on the street.

umm, okay. i think i have grossed you out enough. have a good day.


  1. Oh, I must meet your husband. I'm so fascinated by poop. Must have been those seasons of watching "You are what you eat." and having celiac disease and a husband with colitis. And more little people through my house in the last few years than a soccer team.

  2. I find it hard to believe Dan would use such poo words!! The few times I've seen him, he was always so quiet!! Love the poo references!