Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last night as Dan and I went to check on the girls we could not open the door. They had moved the wardrobe infront of the door so we could not open it. When Daniel went to check on them this morning he was able to open the door with no problem. The wardrobe had been moved back. Well I could not believe these two little girls could move this very HEAVY wardrobe on their own so I asked them to do it while i video taped them. It is amazing. We will srewing it to the wall today.


  1. You are such a good mom! I can't believe you got chosen to raise these two hooligans. The Lord knew you wouldn't harm them the way I would if they were mine. Nice job of coaching them through that and have fun anchoring it in place.

  2. I am laying in bed with a snoring husband and an infant - so no sound for me - but I'm highly impressed. At their young age they were able to use physics and geometry to move that into place. I could use their help getting our house set for showing. Good thing the wardrobe is nice and deep. Our hooligan pulled a dresser down on herself after diving off of it into a crib (she also busted 2 cribs and a bed that week). Maybe I don't want her learning from yours...