Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bringin' abit of class to Republic, WA.

We visit my sister Kathryn, up in the great city that is Republic. Three hours of travel each way but well worth the trip. The kids had a blast.

We started out with a bike ride to get rid of all the extra energy from being trapped in a van for so long. Things started out great with a two block ( using the term "block" liberaly. i don't think Republic has an actual block.) but i am remiss to inform you that about 1/2 mile in the three youngest started dropping like flies making the trip uphill from the trail less than fun. The three older boys did great.

Too pooped to peddle.

Then we headed to "Mel's Diner" for lunch. We made record profits for them this month.

Anna looking over the menu.

The bathroom floor at Mel's was the show stopper. Of course each kid HAD to try to get a penny so all hands had to be washed.

Rock Hounds. There is fossils galore in Republic. Who knew! anyways, the official fossil dig was still closed from the winter but the "un-official" one was still open. Everyone had such a great time and fossil were found.

Climbing up the rock face.

Daniel's buddy came with us. He was so proud of his find.

Danie with his find.

The mule deer pretty much have run of the town.
Ike with Kathryn's puppy, Toadie.

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