Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Homestead was hit by TWO microbursts!!

This summer the Reneer homestead was hit by two microbursts, A microburst is an intense rainstorm with 70-90 mph winds that lasts 10-15 minutes caused by a severe drop in barometric pressure and a low front collides with a warm front and leaves a path of destruction in its wake.

Here is a picture of The Cabin in the woods.

 Here is a picture of Little house on the prairie. *thank you Barb Brown of the clever comment.
(click on picture for full panoramic view)

The white Toyota Corolla in this picture was already parked there and looked like this for 10 years so the trees left it alone. Now the other 4 running vehicles on the property the trees showed no mercy. 
 (click on picture for full panoramic view)

This is how rednecks snowmobile in the summer! YEA HAW!!

Me and the younger three hauling scrap to the ever growing burn pile that consists of slash, and wood scraps from crushed buildings and over 300 tree stumps. 

Ike and his buddy doing some more demolition on my dad's museum (aka shack that held all his yard sale treasures)

Daniel digging trench to run electrical line up to the new shed. Jakey is raking slash out of the Daniel's way.

This is our foreman. The pay is lousy, the breaks and sparse and the insults shouted while working are frequent and most often quite clever. He is yelling at me in this shot because I am holding a camera and not a shovel.

While we were outside working these three girls took a break to make us some delicious brownies.

On a side note, Jacob has been learning how to play with a magnifying glass and sunlight. First he just burned holes through things, sometimes himself, but now he is taking it to a whole new level. I am very impressed.

As my dad expressed there is years and years of work ahead of us. The kids and I will keep helping out when we can one holiday weekend at a time. 

List of damages:

Two buildings hit (roof damage)
3 buildings totally destroyed
4 vehicles hit
3 vehicles totaled
8 logging trucks worth of lumber removed from property
1 trampoline destroyed
1 swing set destroyed
1 satellite dish destroyed (this one really broke dad's heart)

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