Saturday, August 2, 2014

Isaac's List of No-No's

Isaac and I finally came to an understanding to help prevent further misunderstandings. We sat down together and went through a favorite magazine of his and made a list of things he is never ever ever ever allowed to own. We have both signed this list acknowledging we both agree on the things listed being dangerous, gratuitously violent, or just plain stupid to own. 

Isaac’s list of No-No’s
Butterfly knives
Throwing knives
Devil Ray knives
Fake Concealed Weapons permit
Tire Thumper
Billy Club
Peace Pipes
Throwing Stars
Stun guns
Brass knuckles of any sort
Battle Axes
Throwing Axes or hatchets
Nazi Propaganda
Counterfeit money
Guns that are knives
Wallets that are knives
Harmful sprays
Ash trays
Sword sticks
Chain whips

Defense batons
Key chains depicting male genitalia 

I see this a a very small victory, but a victory none the less.

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