Thursday, May 8, 2014

A family day at the park

What you are about to see really happened. This was not staged and luckily all walked away, some a bit taller that other (Maria because she totally K.O'd Ike). This is just a reminder that it is best when we do let the kids out of the house, we make sure no one else is at the playground.
 Ike vs Jake
 Maria getting prepped. Look and the determination on her sweet little face.
 Getting a little help from brother. Love the surprised look on Ike's face.
 Jake vs Ike round two
 Jakey vs Ike round two
 Maria vs Ike round two
 Ike vs Jake round three
 Anna vs Ike round one
It was a great way to bring our family closer together, both literally and figuratively. (Wow, I spelled that right).

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