Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Huckleberry picking 2013.....aphid poop

This year we went huckleberry picking with Paulino again. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment. He told me he knew the "perfect" spot. ( In huckleberry picking it is all about finding the perfect spot and then never telling anyone else about this spot so right away I was very suspicious) My instincts were right. This perfect spot was on the top of a mountain on the side of a cliff that was covered in aphid poop. Yes, you read that last part right.....covered in aphid poop.
We  were up on the mountains of Idaho, at least I think we were still in the continental United States, were the woods are filled with cougars, bears, and other assorted wildlife that would like to eat people but I was not worried one bit. You see our guide, Paulino, is an experienced big game hunter. I could be quite confident that there was no big game in the tri-state area because I also know his hunting record. HA HA HA.

This was Ben's very first time huckleberry picking. He learned the bushes are short, the berries are small, the bugs are many and we were covered in aphid poop by the time we were done. He cannot wait to go back next year!!

Jakey is sharpening his stick because every 10 year old boy will tell you that it is foolish to pick huckleberries without a sharpened stick at your side.

Somewhere on this bush there are huckleberries. What? You can't see them? Oh, well neither could I. 

After we were done picking for the day the boys and Paul shot some guns. By guns I mean totally ridiculous things that are totally impractical so of course everyone had fun.
All in all we got about 1.5 gallons of huckleberries. That will help feed my addiction to the little buggars. Did not eat any this time while picking! You may be wondering why....it's because I needed to go home and wash all the aphid poop off them first.

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