Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Son's Soap

So I buy Daniel and Ike body wash just for them. I understand the they don't want to use the girls shampoo/body wash that smells like strawberries, and Jakey is just fine with a bar of soap but to entice the older two to wash I try to carry stuff just for them.

This time I bought ZEST Ocean Breeze. I laughed out loud in the checkout line as I read the back of the bottle.

"Zest Ocean Breeze gives you and your family an unforgettable scent that is released during the shower and lasts for hours. Inspired by the memorable moments in life, you can carry those aromas with you every day."

Now I am not sure why this tickles me so, but I have three thoughts....

1. I don't want my son's aromas to be memorable. EVER.

2. Somewhere a group of people with room temperature water and a bowl of jellybeans had to sit around a conference table and think this up.

3. And how pathetic is your life if showering with Zest counts as a memorable moment?

1 comment:

  1. ha never a dull moment w/you!!! i love reading what you write. i wish i was that cleaver!!!