Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Introducing the newest member of the family!!

Introducing Skittles!!

She is eight week old wired haired pointer griffon. She is classified as a sporting/ gun dog. We chose Skittles because the breed is very loyal and loves to please. They are hypo-allergenic and very low shedding. 

She has everyone in the house wrapped around her little paws. 

Daniel is getting a much quality time with Skittles before he leaves. He is super bummed that she will be two when he gets back and will not know who he is. We will have him mail down a smelly sock once a week and have her chew it. (jk)(not really)

Her AKC name must start with Sweet Thunder. Ben suggested Thighs so she could be Sweet Thunder Thighs. That got canned pretty quickly. I think we are in agreement for the name Frumdoenunder. Sweet Thunder Frumdoeunder. LOL

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