Friday, July 5, 2013

We did actually have fun.... really.

The Bullfrog, that is the name of our cabin, was right on the lake. It was a beautiful lake just look, don't touch. Any kid that stepped in the water tended to break out in a rash. 

That's okay though because  have a family fool er I mean full of fishermen. The lake had big mouth bass, blue gills, and catfish. Daniel caught lots of blue gills and a couple big mouth bass. Ike caught mainly big mouth bass. The catfish seems a bit illusive.

There was a nice little point that the kids liked to hangout on and fish.

The girls liked to pull in the "seaweed" that occupied most of the lake water. Each time they were treated to leeches, snails, crayfish, and worms. YIPPEE!! They got so excited.

There was also a dock across the lake, that is our cabin right there with the lights on. Jakey spent quite a few hours fishing there. He did not catch any fish on this trip, but was sure that the bites he was getting were from  catfish that were at least 18 inches, or possibly 20 inches. It was intense.

This big mouth was about 14 inches long. Sadly they have to be 18 inches long to be keepers so back to the lake this little guy went, and the fish went back in the water too.

This is Jake.

Each night Ben or I would have to head down at 11 pm to gather up the boys and tell them the day is done, they boys would come back, sleep for a few hours and hit the lake again in the wee hours of the morning. Makes me wish we lived closer to a lake for them.

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