Thursday, July 18, 2013

Family Gathering....

Early this month we had a mini family reunion to meet up with my great Uncle Harley and the kids got to meet their great-great Uncle. This man was a giant! I remember him coming into our home and having to duck his head. He had bright red curly hair and when he shook your hand you felt it a few days later still. 
He is 80 years old now and his memory is failing him fast. He hair is not quite to red but still plenty curly and he still seems like a giant to me. When my 10 yr old, Jakey, went to shake his hand he admonished him, "That's not how you shake a hand." He gripped Jakey's hand and asked Jake to do the same and gave it a firm shake and said, "That's how you shake a hand. People judge you first by how you shake their hand." I know Jakey's hand was probably still sore the next day. Ha ha.

My Aunt Debbie has a horse ranch and the gathering was set up there. The little ones had fun playing in the spare buckets as well as the slip-n-slide. Sadly the slide died after 5 turns and had to be put out to pasture. 

 Aunt Debbie boards horses. She has 12 or so out there right now. Ike was excited to go meet them all and fed them carrots. He then took the little ones on the tour and showed them how to feed the horses carrots. He learned that if their mouths are busy eating carrots they are less likely to bite you.

The big girl in this picture is called Peanutbutter. She was a bit pushy and did not want to wait to finish eating her first carrot before getting her second. She got a chuckle out of Isaac. I think he would have been very happy if we would have forgotten him out there.

The kiddos met their great Aunt Debbie, great Aunt Sharon and Don, my cousin Dustin and his wife and daughter. Great grandma Ybarra was there as well and Aunt Kathryn (my sister) and Uncle Blair, Aunt Linda (my sister) and their family. These relatives were all from my mother's side of the family.

This is quite possibly the cutest dog ever named Ricky. Because I have a brother called Ricky it really kept throwing me off all day hearing people call out Ricky and talk about Ricky. Daniel got him to sleep and my sister's youngest wanted to come check him out.

Left to Right: Aunt Debbie, Me (one of these things is not like the others), Aunt Sharon, Mom, Kathryn. (Sadly Lou had already left with some very tired little guys.)

Pink shirt, Blair. Green shirt, Mom. Blue shirt, Great Uncle Harley. Black shirt, his wife. Grandma Ybarra. Dad. Blonde pony tail, Kathryn. Dunno who was in the hat.

It was a great afternoon. I was able to find out some gaps in the family history and have a nice visit with some family I very rarely get to see.

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