Friday, November 9, 2012


Meet our newest creation (no not the child, the blanket). Well maybe not exactly new. If fact the girlies have had their blankets since they were born. I made them matching blankets. Anna's is pink and Maria's is purple. They have loved these blankets to death. I have had to re-top them at one point. 
They are pretty indestructible, if fact I made them so well that I made miniature blankets out of the scraps so I would not have so many tears when it came time for the real blankets to get washed. They lovely call these smaller blankets "back up blankie"

Last week Anna's blanket had a run in with silly putty. It is like kryponite to blankets. Especially super fuzzy blankets. It binds like....well like....super putty. There was no salvaging the damaged material. Maria to the rescue!!
She volunteered her back up blankie (Anna's back up blankie disappeared on one of our many road trips.)   To allow your beloved blanket to get cut up so your sister can have her favorite blanket back, now that is some serious sisterly love.
We now refer to the blanket formerly known as "Blank" as "Blankenstein" and as you can see Anna could not be happier.


  1. What a sweet sister! I still remember those girls insisting on dragging their blankets to primary with them every weekend. Miss you dearly darlin!

  2. You are so talented! So glad the girlies could work that out. I know how much they love those blankets and each other.