Saturday, September 19, 2015

Good Bye Ole Friend 4-1-2015

 The nicest car we have ever owned today was a 1997 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition. It was so nice in face that when Dan bought it I was not allowed to drive it. I had a 15 passenger van that I could drive. Seeing how when ever I went anywhere I had all the kids + car seats + all the crap that goes along with taking a small army anywhere this suited me just fine (but secretly I really wanted to drive it )
When Dan passed away the car was passed down to me. We could still not fit all of us in it but it was handy for errands while the kids were in school and got me to and from college for a while.

Then when Daniel got his license it just made sense for him to drive it. It was a stable car with four wheel drive for the winter. He only hit a few things with it (one of them being our HOUSE!!)

Then when Daniel headed off on his mission Benjamin took over  Sonic ( that was the name Jakey gave it when Dan bought it because it was blue and fast, just like Sonic the Hedgehog)

Benjamin was heading home from a dental appointment that did not go so well for him. He was in extreme pain while they were doing a filling and because of such he passed out behind the wheel.

This caused the car to miss a turn, go up on the sidewalk, hit a boulder and roll.

We are so blessed that there no other cars around or pedestrians. The officer that responded to the scene did not cite Benjamin.

Benjamin got pretty banged up, but nothing broken. He went through physical therapy. He hit the seat belt harness pretty hard as the car rolled.

It is scary to see that the only part of the cab not crushed is where he was sitting. The Lord was watching out for him.

We have replaced Sonic with a Ford Expedition. We did not want to go this large but the newer Explorers and cars of similar size Benjamin cannot sit up in. This gives him the room he needs for his height.

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