Friday, February 27, 2015

Photos From Jacob's Concert at Ferris

Jacob is in 6th grade. This is his second year of playing the upright bass. He loves it. Well....maybe not so much the fact he needs to practice every day, but he does.

He was so nervous playing in front of everyone there. It was combined with the local middle school and high school. 

 He was tucked up in the back because he plays the upright bass he will always be tucked away in the back. Luckily Ben's camera has a really good zoom function.
 I love the look of concentration on his face in these two pictures.  Such a sweet boy.

 He finally saw me in the audience. I just missed his wave and smile.

All in all the concert was relatively painless, except for the seating. It was made for someone who is about 5'3". I had to sit sideways the whole concert with my knees jammed into the persons back in front of me, and because this was a high school auditorium it had the subtle smell of armpit and dirty underwear. 

Jakey is hoping to continue playing orchestra in junior high. 

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