Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cultural Enrichment... Union style

And now for something completely different......

Two weeks ago we went to a Civil War re-enactment called, The Battle of Deep Creek.
Okay history buffs, your right there were no Civil War battles fought in Washington, but that does not mean you cannot make one up!
We found out about this re-enactment on line. We went slightly apprehensive after the Highland Games disappointment two years ago. But these guys have their act together and put on a dang good show. It lasts three days and takes place in a huge field on a ranch just outside of Airway Heights. The name of the ranch is ironically called Deep Creek. Weird coincidence.

They have two encampments. One for the Union troops and with in that are the different battalions. Then one for the Confederate troops with their different battalions. They even kept the encampments typical to north and south. The south was set up as a family encampment because of the many displaced families during the war went to the battle field to join their husbands/ fathers. The Union side was more orderly and military in fashion where the Confederate side had a more of a patched together farmer militia feel. The people there loved to talk about the history of their battalions as well as the history of their respective sides and their reasons for going to war. It was educational and fun! 

The kids each got to hold a 12 lb cannon ball that was actually shot from a cannon from cannon during the Civil War. 

While we were there a trader and spy for the Confederate army got put in the stocks.

 Each tent was actually lived in by the people there for the three days of the re-enactment. It was all so authentic looking and I loved seeing the women and girls dresses. Yes, there were children in period clothing running around everywhere and even playing in the creek.

 This is an actual period piece. The great-great-great grandmother to our Viewfinders. 

 And what is the point of going to a re-enactment if there are no guns there? NONE! This is a genuine Gatling gun from Civil War. This is the predecessor to our modern day machine guns.

 Yes, the Civil War did have a Navy. This gentleman ran the armory and had a very impressive collection of period sabers, pistols, swords, and rifles.

 Of of the guys was kind enough to let Jakey hold his rifle and wear his Union hat. In fact several of the people there encourage a hands on experience for the kids. It was look and TOUCH! How cool is that?

 This was Daniel's favorite tent. The field surgeon's tent. It was gruesome. Once again though, all the tools were hands on and the stories were gory and great.

 There was a "kids corner" where the kids could play games like nine pin, checkers, and roll a hoop through the grass with a stick. Jake was pretty good at this. Also as everyone was waiting for the battle to start some of the soldiers started up a game of stick ball on the battle field. The kids had a blast.

 This in just one of the five cannons they had going off during the battle. They were so loud and the ground shook. You could also hear all the car alarms going off in the parking lot in between volleys. Just like the real Civil War.

 There is a shot of one of the cannons going off during the heat of battle. When all five were going it was awesome.

 The South will rise again!

When all was said and done we headed back to the parking lot to find our car. No, this is not it. But it is a awesome one! Dan would have swooned, Ghost-busters is one of his all time favorite movies. It even had the proton packs in the back. 

All in all, Ben and I considered it a very successful outing. 

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