Sunday, May 5, 2013

Never a dull moment

As I have whined about before, COPD is a very frustrating disease. It takes away lung capacity bit by bit. Anna's is dropping faster than we can keep up. 
She got a runny nose on Saturday. By Monday she was in the hospital on massive amounts of oxygen and hourly breathing treatments. 
All because of a stupid runny nose.
 For the past three months we have been taking part of a study. Anna meets with a nurse, a pharmacist, and a social worker to try and make her quality of life better. She loves these girls. She has taught them a lot about dealing with COPD and they have taught her a lot about managing her daily medicine routine, how to properly take her medicine and how important is it to stay on a good routine.
 The girls love playing with the stethocope and learning how to take each others blood pressure.
So we have increased to medicine. Had to start mega-dosing her on vitamin D because of the level of steroids and inhalants she is on are destroying her bone density as well as now having to watch her heart because this is starting to take a toll on that as well.

So what do I do.......I enroll her in soccer!! The best thing to do is too treat her lungs as a muscle. In order to prevent atrophy in a muscle is to work it out. She is having fun. She and Maria are defiantly not the star players on the team, but they sure are fun to watch. Will post more on that excitement later.

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