Friday, March 27, 2009

My New Nephew.

Extreme Close-Up

Yah, I am a very PROUD AUNT!

I really liked this material because of all the different textures he will get to explore with his mouth.

So my baby sister and her hubby. Max Reneer Davis is quite possibly the cutest baby boy EVER. (present company excluded of course) Lot of wavy blonde hair. I did the typical mormon thing of throwing together a baby blanket in a matter of hours so I would have something to take to him. I think he appreciated the thought.


  1. Beautifully made blanket Jenn! So cute and sweet with the puppies!

  2. jen,
    you totally look like emmy girl in your pic of holding Max and cheesing it! i love it, all you need are headphones now. we will get right on it. nice blanket too. i will give Max all my wisdom, that should keep him warm.

  3. yes, well we always knew emmy was a beauty queen it is obvious she took after me!